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November is a month of taking time to reflect and express gratitude for those people and experiences that we've been blessed with in our lives.  This month is kicked off with Veterans Day when we all stop for a moment to honor those   men and women who've served our country.  Then, November brings parent   conferences and Thanksgiving - both opportunities to sit down together with people who we care about and care about us to reflect on the past and plan for  the future.

On the other hand, November can also be the start of the hectic holiday season that brings changes in school and family routines.  Even the time of day and daytime changes as we "fall back" for Day Light Savings!  The season of change can often be challenging to navigate both at home and at school, but with a bit of patience and cooperative teamwork, we can support our children by sticking  to as many regular routines (like attending school) as possible.  We believe that a two-way relationship between  school and home is essential for the success of students.   That is why we encourage parents to schedule conferences so that they can keep check on the progress of their child.  Progress reports will be coming out soon and of course some will need to schedule conferences.

We trust that you will have a Happy Thanksgiving  and remember that Thanksgiving has two words - Thanks and Giving .  Let's remember to be thankful for the bountiful blessings we have and let's not forget to give to those who are less fortunate than we are.    

Barbara C. Akon

School Events
•  Thanksgiving Break - (No School)