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It’s Fall ya’ll!  And the fall season is in full swing even though it doesn’t feel like  Fall.  Our school year has gotten off to a GREAT start!  September certainly did  fly quickly by!   Your children and their teachers have been very busy setting the  stage for a rich year of learning. By now, building and classroom procedures are  well-ingrained, and students are deep into the literacy, math, science, and social  studies content they will learn this year.

We are now in our 2nd Nine Weeks studies.  Our children have completed the first  benchmark testing and we are getting our data set so that we may send the report cards home and celebrate the achievement of our students as we develop strategies to assure that  ALL students are learning.  
It is our goal that we continue to develop meaningful relationships with you and your child in order to help them thrive academically and socially.  We need our parents to participate in the meetings that are held so that you may have a great understanding of what is going on in our school.
As your principal, I am committed to educating children.  Your child is important to us.  You are important to us.  As parents, guardians and family, you are your child’s first and greatest teacher.  Together as a loving school community—family and school—working as a mutually trusted and respected team, we exemplify our belief and philosophy that “it takes an entire village to raise and educate a child!” Together as a school family let us enjoy and relish every moment of this school year with our students.  We look forward to a prosperous year!

Barbara C. Akon

School Events
•  Report Cards Issued
•  Red Ribbon Week