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Let’s Talk!!!! 

January has rushed in and it is gone!!! As we welcome in February, we are also looking forward to the second half of the school year.   It's amazing that the year is more than half over. As I review the progress reports, I always notice a couple things that show a lot about being successful. I think this is a good time to share them and look forward to great things in the second semester. 

We are finding that some of our students are not focused, not applying themselves and are not living up to the expectations that we have set for them. We encourage our parents to speak with their children to assure that students participate wholeheartedly in the teaching and learning process. 

Our most successful students continue to work hard when things are challenging. We hope you will encourage and inspire this at home as we do the same at A.W. James Elementary School. 

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month, Counselor's Appreciation Day, Healthy Heart Month and Valentine's Day. But most of all join us by supporting our teachers and your children in the teaching and learning process.

Barbara C. Akon, Principal 

School Events
•  President's Day (No School)
•  Black History Program