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It seems cliché to say that this school year has absolutely flown by. 

However, it is now April and we only have two months left of the 2018-2019 school year. Even though only a short time is left, we have multiple opportunities for involvement and participation coming up in April and May. 

Beginning Monday, April 15, all 3rd grade students will begin taking the MAAP test. This is the test that determines if your third grader will be allowed to move to the 4th grade. MKAS testing for Pre-K and Kindergarten begins also. Then we have the state test for grades 3-5 in Math, Reading and Science (for 5th graders) beginning May 6. Please make sure your child is on time to school those days, has plenty of rest at night, and eats a healthy breakfast. All of our students and teachers have worked diligently to prepare for this test. We want our students to “show what they know” on those days. Please encourage your child to do his/her very best. Retention, class placement and our school grade depend upon the results. As you know we expect to be an “A” rated school.

We have upcoming field trips and end of the year programs. Our Pre-K classes will be transitioning as well as our 5th grade students. Both of these classes are gearing up for their promotional exercises coming up next month. We’re also planning a fantastic May Day on May 20. These are just a few of the exciting things on tap for the remaining months of the year. Please come out and get involved with us. Learning does not end just because we finish our state tests. We will continue to involve your child in deep, rich learning experiences that will carry them into middle school and beyond. I hope to see you at some of our activities.

Barbara C. Akon,  Principal 


 3rd Grade Reading Assessment - 2018 → Click here for pdf.file 

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