Welcome to the Counselor's Corner

It is my goal to assist students in recognizing their strengths, abilities, talents and to encourage them to display a positive attitude that will lead to successful careers. At AW James Elementary, students have the right to request to be seen or they can be recommended by their teachers or parents. As counselor, I am available to provide resources for those who may be in need of short or long term counseling. I provide both group and individual support as it relates to school issues or concerns. I am committed to working with parents, staff and vendors to help create a safe environment for our children and all who support them.

During the past 25 years, I have worked with individuals and families in a variety of settings which include prisons, mental health, public library, and public school counseling. A significant part of my work is the process of living free from the burden of addictions and all that it entails. I have also worked with the juvenile and adult justice system in the State of Mississippi. My job was to help individuals and their families while they navigate through the many aspects of our jail and prison system.

My passion is to help people learn and grow together as we enjoy and serve our respective communities. I am married to a local artist who is retired from the Mississippi Department of Corrections. My husband and I enjoy sharing life with our adults sons, family, friends and all individuals who life allows us to encounter.

AW James Elementary School Counselor

"Building a better community, one student at a time"

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